Photos: Mawlid 2012, Jabal Beddawi

Mawlid 2012 1 by rohantalbot
Mawlid 2012 1, a photo by rohantalbot on Flickr.

Quick post today, I’m going to start uploading some of the photos from my Flickr feed to here rather than spamming Facebook with all of them.

This batch were taken from the balcony of my office/home in Jabal Beddawi during Mawlid (Prophet Mohammed’s birthday) celebrations back in February. As you can see, there were a number of sheep butchered in the road for the occasion, along with music from some really huge speakers (sadly didn’t manage to get a photo!), and food being handed out to passers by. Note the Free Syria flag there too – these are dotted liberally around the area by opposition groups, as are photos of Assad himself put up by his supporters. I’ll hopefully get around to posting something about the fighting between the pro/anti Assad supporters that happened here in February soon.

Click through for the rest of the photos in this set.


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